Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grave Photos II

His grave is all the way at the top so it was hard to get a good picture. Sorry for it being lopsided!

Claudia Dell was a Ziegfeld Girl and rumored to be the original model for the Columbia Pictures logo.

Jenny and Rosie Dolly aka The Dolly Sisters. You aren't allowed to take pictures (or really even walk around in) the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn, but they were right in the hall! So, this is my sneaky pic.

The last Ziegfeld Girl

Margarita Fischer. Her niche is at the top of the wall in a very dark hallway, so this was the best I could do picture wise.

Mildred Harris. Her crypt is kinda high up so getting the picture was hard for my camera.

Bud (born Merle) was Merna's older brother who she toured with in a dancing group early in her career. I am not sure how or when he died. 

Louella Parsons, the Queen of the Movies (gossip wise) Her grave was very hard to read, let alone take a picture of.

The grave of Mary, Lottie, and Jack Pickford as well as their mother, Charlotte Smith.

Dorothy Sebastian. Her marker was covered in dirt and I didn't have anything to clean it with, hence the terrible photo.

Final resting place of Norma and Constance Talmadge as well as there mother Margaret and father Frederick (I don't know why). And of course, the shrew, Natalie.

Wife of director Rex Ingram. I am not sure why they aren't buried together. 

Lee Toy Wong is Anna May Wong's mother. Anna May's ashes are interred on the ride side and her sister Mary's (Lulu)  ashes interred on the left.


  1. This is so cool. You are so lucky to have visited the graves. Poor Louise Brooks looks a bit unkempt as do some others. Dorothy Sebastian's is neat because I love the blue. Very nice to lay a red rose down for Buster

    1. I always make sure to leave a rose for Buster, Valentino, Barbara La Marr, and Florence Lawrence.
      Now that I live here, I need to carry a grave cleaning "kit" that I know a lot of grave hunters have. It basically is just spray bottle with water and a rag so you can clean up the headstone. For a lot of these pictures, I was on vacation and all I had to use to clean up was my hands and my feet.

  2. Oh i need one too im in nc aand it hurts to see neglected graaves stars or regular folk here we have a confederate graveyaard so many boys aand even brothers we all deserve to care for our deaad oh and i LOVE ur site