Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grave Photos I

Alrighty! Here we have about half of my silent film star related grave photos. 

Some of these photos were taken a few years ago with a camera that I no longer use because...well, it sucks! So, some of the photos have a caption if need be. 

I will upload the rest either tonight or tomorrow. If you have any questions just leave a comment!


First wife of Rudolph Valentino

Older sister of Fred Astaire and his first real singing and dancing partner.

Wallace Beery

Mother of Charlie Chaplin. She is buried right next to Marion Davies interestingly enough.

Grave of Maurice, Mae, Dolores, and Helene Costello. Helene is the only one without a marker.

Bebe Daniels' urn. Again, blame my camera.

Director William Desmond-Taylor. Buried under his birth name.

Beatrice Dominguez

Mary Eaton

HUGE grave of Douglas Fairbanks Sr/Jr.

Doris Kenyon

Carla Laemmle, who only passed away a few months ago. Hope she gets a better marker soon.

Tom Mix

Alla Nazimova

Played in the early "Alice" comedies for Walt Disney in the 1920's

Loretta Young is buried in the same plot as her mother, Gladys Belzer. Sister Polly Ann is buried next to her under her married name "Hermann." Sister Sally is in the same area in an unmarked grave. The youngest sister, Georgianna is buried in another part of the cemetery with her husband, actor Ricardo Montalban.


  1. I am going backwards:) It's funny how many have simple markers and then a few have huge monuments (Pickford and Fairbanks). The marker will change because they have to wait at least a year or so for the ground to settle before they can put at actual stone there.

    1. It always boggles my mind that a lot of the stars have simple markers, with no mention of what they did in their life. I picture huge shrines (ala Fairbanks and Jolson) for all the stars!!
      AND...I did not know that about the marker. I thought it was a matter of payment, but it makes sense that you don't want to a put a huge stone on top of loose soil.