Friday, December 15, 2017

Silence is Platinum Podcast: Episode 2

Don't fret! I am still here! It was not the smartest decision on my part to create a podcast AND start grad school the same month. School has taken most of my focus, unfortunately, but believe me...I have been making progress on the podcast slowly but surely. I have missed interacting with all my readers and fellow silent film fans and happy to have a break between semesters to work more on what I am passionate about.

Here's hoping that 2018 will truly be the year of the Silence is Platinum podcast!



Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Grete Weixler

Grete Weixler


Evelyn Nelson and Jack Hoxie





Francelia Billington and Lester Cuneo



Pictures of Charles are hard to come by, unfortunately. Most of the pictures of him in film magazines are group shots of him and other Keystone cops. I do mention in the podcast episode that he is easy to spot on screen because he is much shorter than the other actors on screen, but I do wish there were more single shots of him. If you have some, let me know!





Sunday, August 13, 2017

Silence is Platinum Podcast: Episode 1

Well! Hello there! Been awhile hasn't it?!

Many apologies for my extended and somewhat mysterious absence, but I am back AND so is what I have been promising for a year now...the first episode of the Silence is Platinum podcast!! Super excited about this and have a lot of great things in store for this new platform for the blog. 

I hope you enjoy the first episode. You can listen to it here or you can download it from the iTunes app or Stitcher once it becomes available. It is currently under review. The blog will be used as a 'companion' to the podcast, offering pictures and source material for the podcast. It is nice to have stories read to you, but if you are like me, you also like seeing pictures of who exactly is being discussed. And, if you are a fan of the blog already, you know I love those black and white photos. 

Thank you all for being so patient waiting for this to come to fruition. It has been a labor of love and am so happy this day has come. 

I hope you enjoy! 



R.A. Craven, Gale Henry and Lillian Peacock

Lillian Peacock and Harry Carey

Bobby Vernon, Heinie Conklin, Billy Franey, Gale Henry and Lillian Peacock

Billy Franey, Max Asher, Gale Henry and Lillian Peacock





Breezy acting alongside his parents in Two Kinds of Love (1920)



Charlie Chaplin and Max Eastman



Frank Farrington and Florence La Badie

Doris Farrington, youngest daughter of Frank and Marguerite 'Daisy' Farrington

Irene/Rene/Reenie Farrington, oldest daughter of Frank and Marguerite 'Daisy' Farrington, and Justus Barnes in Gold (1914)



Dorothy Gulliver, Ethlyne Clair, Dorothy Kitchen, Jean Stuart, Barbara Kent and Ena Gregory

Small paragraph that appeared in a 1927 Photoplay magazine...with multiple errors (Phyllis? Jane?)



Charles Emmett Mack and Carol Dempster in Dream Street (1921)



Claude Gillingwater, Einar Hanson and Pola Negri in Barbed Wire (1927)

Einar Hanson and Clara Bow in Children of Divorce (1927)

Greta Garbo and Einar Hanson



Arnold Kent and Clara Bow in Hula



I am very fortunate to have such wonderful friends who have helped me figure out the ins and outs of creating something as big as a podcast, and I wanted to make sure I helped pimp their projects as well because they deserve praise for the awesome work they do as well.

Thank you (AGAIN!) to Arthur Dark for his help and expertise with editing our first episode. Arthur and I are both taphophiles, or simply put 'grave hunters.' He has an AMAZING series on YouTube called "Hollywood Graveyards" where he takes viewers on a guided tour of famous Los Angeles cemeteries that have become the final resting places of such big names as Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, and Elizabeth Taylor. Take a stroll with him HERE!

Thank you to Erin Gambrill for her advice on how the heck to even begin starting a podcast. Erin is my kindred Librarian spirit and she even has a podcast with two other lovely ladies called, appropriately, Ladies Who Library. Have a listen HERE, but please keep your voice down!

Thank you to the amazing Jennifer Redmond who has helped me "do my homework" by giving me access to some very useful sites to really dig up the dirt. Jennifer also writes a blog dedicated to silent film, and her article on 'Breezy' Reeves Eason, Jr. was used as source material for this first episode. You can find her blog HERE! Jennifer is also the author of a spectacular book called Reels & Rivals: Sisters in Silent Films. I definitely recommending putting that one on your Amazon Wish List!

Thank you to Kayla Sturm for helping me maneuver through the cogs and gears of recording a podcast and then getting it published and validated and approved and...yeah, all of that! Kayla is one half of These Glamour Girls, a podcast dedicated to preserving the legacy of the immortal actresses of Classic Hollywood. If you are a fan of Joan, be it Bennett, Crawford, or Fontaine, then you need to check out the These Glamour Girls podcast HERE!