Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bathing Beauties V

Elinor Field (birth name spelling "Eleanor") was born on January 4, 1902 in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of her father, but I do know that her mother's name was Katherine and that Elinor was the youngest child with five older siblings (Mary, Charlie, Eugene, Margaret, and Katherine).
Elinor appeared frequently in school and local plays and this is where she was discovered by Mutual Film Corporation president, James M. Sheldon. She made her film debut in 1917 and went on to appear in 70 films until her final screen appearance in 1934.
Elinor passed away on February 24, 1998 in Chestertown, Maryland. I do not know where she is buried.


Harriet Hammond was born Harriet Jane Hammond on October 20, 1900 in Bay City, Michigan. She was the eldest child born to Harry, who worked in real estate, and Edith Hammond. Her younger brother John was born two years after her. While she was still a child, the family moved to California where Harriet continued her schooling and also began taking lessons in piano and swimming. For awhile, Harriet's main career goal was to be a concert pianist, but eventually the six hours a day practicing began taking it's toll physically and mentally.
Harriet eventually decided on a career in films and made her debut in 1918. Her film career lasted until 1930 with 46 films/shorts under her belt. She had a major career setback in 1923 when she was injured in an on set explosion. While filming a scene where an explosion was to take place, the dynamite prematurely exploded and sent Harriet flying backwards into an iron rail, injuring her back. Her physical injuries weren't too severe and eventually healed, but she was understandably shell shocked, so shell shocked in fact that she had to take time off from working in order to recuperate in bed at her mother's house. She eventually returned to work but she had lost her career momentum and since she never really took her career seriously, she bowed out. Harriet once even told a reporter that she had never seen her films and couldn't even remember the names of them!
Harriet passed away on September 23, 1991 in Valley Center, California. At the time of her death she was married to man named Drake, but that is all the information I have on that.
"Being a professional beauty has its disadvantages as well as its pearls. For instance, if you are fortunate enough to be able to capitalize on your looks and figure you instantly incur the jealously of your less-lovely sisters, who comfort themselves with the thought that you're perfectly brainless and that, because you'll consent to exploit your shapely lines in Grecian drape or a Mack Sennett bathing suit, you're not exactly - well, modest." ~~ Harriet Hammond (Picture-Play Magazine - September 1921)


Vera Reynolds was born November 25, 1899 in Richmond, Virginia. She first entered films in 1917 and worked in over 70 features before eventually retiring in 1932. She did have the honor of being named a WAMPAS Baby Star of 1926 along with stars like Janet Gaynor and Joan Crawford. Around 1927, Vera appeared in the headlines and it wasn't for any starring role in a new picture. It was reported that she had purposely taken poison and was found unconscious on her bathroom floor and had to be rushed to the hospital. She later told reporters that the case was blown way out of proportion and that she actually just had a bad case of indigestion and that she would never take her own life. So, I am not sure where the truth lies on this one, but there ya go.
Vera was married twice. I am not sure of the date they married, but her first husband was a comedian named Earl Montgomery. They would eventually divorce in 1926. Her second husband was actor Robert Ellis who she married in 1926. There is some weird convoluted story about how their marriage wasn't legal until years later and this angered Vera enough to where she took Ellis to court and then eventually they remarried and stayed married until she died. It is seriously too confusing to even begin to wrap my head around it.
Vera Reynolds passed away on April 22, 1962 in Los Angeles. She is buried at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood. 


Gladys Tennyson was born Gladys Elizabeth Borum on November 2, 1894 in Texas (I believe in San Angelo). She was the second and youngest child born to James Borum, a dry goods merchant, and his wife Mattie (they would eventually divorce around 1910). Her brother, Willie was four years older than her. 
She made her film debut in 1916 and appeared in around 37 films/shorts until she retired in 1925. She actually had a mini retirement when she got married, but the couple eventually divorced and much to her fans relief, she returned to films. Said marriage was to director Chester M. Bennett whom she wed in 1917. The marriage was apparently rocky, causing Gladys to threaten divorce at least once before she actually filed in 1924. The couple did have one child, a son named Chester Jr, but I am not sure of the year. Her second husband was actor Earle Foxe whom she married in 1926. The couple did not have any children, but Foxe would eventually adopt her son, Chester Jr. Gladys and Foxe remained married until his death in 1973.
Gladys Tennyson passed away on April 27, 1983 in Yuba City, California. She is buried in Chico Cemetery in Chico, California.


  1. Except for Vera Reynolds most of these lovely gals lived to a nice old age. Harriet Hammond was lucky! My grandfather had something similar happen to him but he lost his eyesight. I wonder if Harriet continued to play piano??

  2. Hey Jessica, just popped over to read some on your site! You do a fantastic job! Have you ever considered writing a book? Crazy about these women... The silent stars are just my favorite.. Such interesting lives.. Thanks again!