Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Grave Photos!

I covered Florence Barker awhile back as part of the series of actors who made silent films but passed away before the talkies. Florence died at the age of twenty one from pneumonia. 
Andree Bayley was one of Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties

Francelia Billington was married to cowboy actor Lester Cuneo from 1920 until 1925. Cuneo committed suicide soon after and Francelia died from TB in 1934.

The shadow makes it hard to read, I apologize. This is the grave of actress Edwina Booth.

Bartine Burkett was best known for appearing in shorts with Buster Keaton.

This is just a cenotaph for Eric Campell at the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery. Eric's ashes are in fact buried in the cemetery, however, the exact location was never written down. 

Norman Charles Spencer aka The Little Mouse was the only child of Charlie Chaplin and Mildred Harris. Norman was born with severe disabilities and only lived for three days.

Arline Chase was an actress and dancer who helped make "The Shimmy" a popular dance during WWI. era. Sadly, she died of TB at the age of twenty five.

This is the final resting place of silent cowboy actor, Lester Cuneo. I would have cleaned up his grave but it was covered in sap and I had nothing to scrub it with. I will do it next time, promise!

Vondell Darr (being carried around here by Wallace Beery) was a child star during the silent era. I will be covering her soon!

Evelyn Eaton was the older sister of Ziegfeld Girls Mary, Pearl, and Doris Eaton. Evelyn was never a performer herself, but her daughter was the last person to sign a contract with Florenz Ziegfeld. 

Irene Fenwick was an actress and the second wife of Lionel Barrymore. Sadly, she passed away in 1936 from complications of anorexia.

Bess Flowers was an actress of the silent screen and later in the talkies. She later became famous for appearing as an extra in a number of films. Her ashes were scattered in the Rose Garden at the Chapel of the Pines Crematory, although her name is not marked. 

Myrtle Gonzalez was considered the first Hispanic film actress. Sadly, she passed away during the flu epidemic of 1918.

This empty plot is the final resting place of actress Katherine Grant. I don't know why her grave was left unmarked because she did have surviving family members when she passed away in 1937.

I apologize for the blurry picture, but her marker is at the very top of a very high wall, so it's hard to get a clear picture. Anyway, this is the final resting place of actress and Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty, Mildred June. Mildred sadly passed away at the age of  34 from the effects of alcoholism. 

This unmarked plot is is the final resting place of Joseph Keaton, the father of Buster Keaton.  He passed away in 1946 after being hit by a car. I am not sure why he is buried here while his wife Myra was buried in a different cemetery.

This is the final resting place of director, Fritz Lang.

This unmarked plot is the final resting place of Alice Maison, one of Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties.

Marion Parker was a 12 year old girl who was abducted and murdered in 1927. The kidnap/murder and ensuing trial was highly publicized.

This unmarked plot is the final resting place of silent screen vamp, Virginia Pearson.

This unmarked plot is the final resting place of silent screen actress and Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty, Vera Reynolds.

Ethel Jackson = Ethel Shannon

This unmarked plot is the final resting place of Alberta Vaughn.

Eunice Woodruff was a child actress during the silent era who passed away at the age of ten from an undisclosed illness. Sadly, there are no known photographs of her.

Helen Lee Worthing was a popular actress who later gained infamy after she married an African American man at a time when that was taboo (to put it nicely).

Valentina Zimina was a Russian film actress who found success working in Hollywood. Sadly ,she passed away from the flu in 1928.


  1. It's funny (sad) that there are a few who died of TB. I just watched The Big Parade and thought of Renee Adoree. The boy who died when he was 7-Breezy-how young and that picture must be shortly before he died. So many have no markers which is so very sad. Regarding Keaton's dad and mom. I am wondering if this happened because the father died when Keaton was not in good shape financially and otherwise so he may not have had the money to make sure they were in the same cemetery plus he may not have given it much thought. Great post!

    1. That is a very good point, Birgit! About Joseph Keaton, I didn't even think about that.

    2. That's a curious one as Joe Keaton had other 2 children who lived into their 70s. Most likely there was a stone originally. People steal them or vandalize them to the point they are removed I suppose. I dunno..

    3. That is true, Bobby. I have never seen a picture of a headstone, but who knows what the story is behind it. There are a lot of celebrities who have passed that don't have markers and they do have family and friends that survived them.

    4. By googling thru snippets of biographies I find that Joe's alcoholism wrecked the family act. Buster did get Joe parts in his movies, small parts that is, despite Joe's early prejudice against movies, the only parts Joe got by that time--amounting to short cameos. It said there was little interaction between Joe and Buster in the films.

      One biographer suspects Buster hated his father but felt it improper to admit it. Far as he would go is admit to another writer his father's unbearable behavior. So that's what I could come up with and it ain't much, but now my curiosity about it can rest!

    5. Interesting seeing as Buster slipped into his own downward spiral of alcoholism. Still sad that they couldn't at least get him a proper marker. Him or Jingles or Louise.

  2. Beautiful photos Jessica! Thank you so much for taking the time to research and photograph all these gravesites. You make me miss LA :-)

  3. It really saddens me to see that some of these wonderful ladies have unmarked graves.

    1. It really is awful, Michael. I would love to get a full list of all them who are unmarked and work on getting them proper headstones. It needs to be done to ensure that they are not forgotten.