Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pet Peeves

When it comes to my "job" as a silent film,, I have a few pet peeves, or quirks if you will. One of them popped up just the other day on Facebook. A picture was posted claiming to be that of Evelyn Nesbit, the beautiful girl involved in the "Murder of the Century" in the early 1900s. The picture was clearly not of her and people were arguing with me that it was...even when I showed other pictures as evidence. Now, I don't claim to know everything, but when it comes to stars of that era and their pictures especially, I do know my stuff. As I have stated before many times, my goal is to make sure that stars of the silent screen are not forgotten so having a photo of someone being mistakenly identified is just a travesty to me. I am fighting the good fight. Even if I come off as a bitch :)

The other thing that bugs me is colorized photos. I love the beautiful black and white photos of stars so making them look like clowns in colorized photos is just a terrible, terrible crime. Now, there are some photos that I have seen that have had color added and they don't look terrible. Examples:

I think when it comes to colorizing a photo, simplicity is key. So, if you feel the need to make a black and white photo come alive with color, please be light handed and do not do an injustice to the memory of these this:

*face palm* Poor Lana :(


  1. I do find it funny when people argue with someone who knows their stuff and even when you proove it they still argue. They just don;t like to be wrong and then it is better to leave them be as they are not worth it. This last pic of lana is hilarious-she looks like slutty Barbie. I HATE, I mean HATE it when they colourized old films-don;t get me started on that one either.

  2. Oh, I was up at 3 am pissed about the fact that people were still saying that it was Evelyn. I eventually defriended said person because it just wasn't working out lol
    And who the hell thought that picture of Lana looked good?! And I agree about colorized films. If I see them on tv, my first thought is, "Who did this and why?" I remember watching the hilarious film "Reefer Madness" as it was being riffed by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys and they were even making fun of the horrible colorization job. The marijuana smoke was purple, green, yellow...ridiculous!