Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grave hunting

It occurred to me the other day that some of my followers on here hadn't seen my grave photos, but only heard me mention them. I wanted a chance to share them here. I saw the other day that I have 14 followers, which may seen small, but it makes me really good to see that many people are interested in my blog. I really appreciate every single one of you because silent film is something very close to my heart and something I really love to talk about.
So, these are a few of my pictures. I have many more of non-silent stars too. Enjoy!
Oh, my one and was truly amazing to be able to see his grave for the first time. I had to look around for it, until I realized he was located behind a service that was going on. And, I don't bother people at cemeteries. That is rude. I have heard of people writing on graves and being obnoxious, and I swear, if I ever see that, they will be buried alive. Anyway, I knelt down and just sat there and just relished the fact that I was there. Amazing.I put my fingers to my lips and left him a kiss, and it stayed! The second time I went and visited him, I was by myself, so I had a chance to just sit there for awhile and just reflect and talk to him. It was amazing. I could even smell a perfume in the air that made me feel like he was there with me. It was so incredible that I didn't want to leave.

Florence's grave is so simple and so hidden away that it is sad. But, it is not that surprising considering that she is barely remembered today. My favorite part of this picture is that the sun is shining right on the word "first" and I thought it was making a real statement. The next time I visited her, I left her a rose and kind words in remembrance. She deserves a bouquet. That will be for next time! Also, as a side note, Roddy McDowell actually bought her this headstone. Love him!

Very hard to get a decent picture here because of the reflection, but what you are seeing here is the cremains of Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyons on the right. I wish they would put a picture of them in there like they do for other people's niches. Maybe it was their wish not to, who knows. Bebe and Ben were too cute!

Douras aka Davies aka Marion Davies! A tomb fit for the mistress of William Randolph Hearst and a great comedienne. I wish you could see inside the tomb, but the doors are locked. Oh Marion, love her.
The Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn is forbidden territory, even more so now that Michael Jackson is buried there. I got in by asking to see the giant Last Supper picture. It actually is a very beautiful picture and has a neat narration to go with it. But, I was still squirming in my seat and looking down the halls to see if I recognized any of them. The Mausoleum is also where such names as Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, and Theda Bara are buried. Meaning: I want to go exploring. But, they are very strict there. I managed to sneak this picture of the Dolly Sister's urn when the usher at the mausoleum turned the corner, hence why it is kinda fuzzy.

The garden where the Pickford family is buried is also a private section. However, the garden next to it is not. In order to get this picture, I had to climb a ledge and then climb a tree in order to look over the wall. I am quite proud of myself :)

Miss Dove's grave was very easy to find. I walked down the stairs in the Freedom Mausoleum, and she was right in front of me at the bottom.

How cute is this? I love the handwriting name plates and the quotes. Sue Carol was just an adorable little star.

I love being able to visit Clara. The place where she is buried is sectioned off with a big chain, so being the little ninja I am, I duck under it. I am always scared someone is gonna bust me because again, Forest Lawn is quite strict. When I visit Clara I leave a quick kiss and say hello to her and that I love her and may she rest in peace. It's only a quick visit, but it means so much to me to be able to visit her.

This is the first time at this cemetery and so first time I visited Bela. I imagined a big Gothic tomb, but he just has a simple marker. I really liked the little skeleton hand and roses that someone left though.

Again, another easy one to stop. Walk up the steps in the garden and he is on your right.

It's amazing that such a vibrant woman has such a modest little grave in a wall. But, there she is!

I should find out more about her nickname "Muzz." I wish the Flugrath sisters were all buried together, but gotta respect them for being buried with their husbands.

This was pretty cool, to be in the presence of the great Barrymores. Lionel and I actually share the same birthday which is awesome. I don't think John is still buried here though. I think he was moved to New York, but I am not 100% on this considering he still has his name up here.

This was f-ing awesome. To be standing in front of Pola Negri's grave. Pola was just larger than life and being able to visit and leave her a kiss was quite amazing.

I could barely find her little niche. The corner where she is is so dark that I had to use my phone for a light. Thank goodness for flash cameras!

Now this is how you go out. The Fairbanks plot is just breathtaking. Swans and a huge marble tomb and backing structure...cheers all around. It's nice to sit on the steps in the sun and say hello to Doug...and Doug.

Charlie Chaplin's mother. She was also a vaudeville actress. I remember watching Chaplin and feeling so sorry for her, and also for Charlie and Sydney for what they had to go through in order to help their mother any way they could.

This is the grave of William Desmond-Taylor, the director who was murdered in 1922. One of the great unsolved mysteries (although my personal opinion is that Charlotte Shelby, Mary Miles Minter's mother, was the culprit). I like paying my respects to him.

Oh Rudy. I love visiting him. I always leave him a kiss. He melts my heart.

I love visiting Barbara and seeing flowers on her grave. The purple flowers and lei were there last time I visited as well, the rose was from me. I don't know a lot of people personally who love silent movies like me, so knowing that someone still cares enough to remember a star who died too soon and is almost forgotten today means a lot to me (I do know some people who I have met online that love silent movies, I just mean friends of mine that I can do see silents with and whatnot).

Mildred Harris, screen ingenue and once Charlie Chaplin's young wife. It is kinda hard to see the name plate, but she is all the way at the top so it is hard to get at a good angle to get the picture.

I don't know why or how I have missed his grave the other times I have been at Hollywood Forever, but I found him!

Same thing with Clifton! I couldn't find him until this past May. I love him in Cheaper By the Dozen and was quite surprised when I read about him dancing on stage with the Dolly Sisters. Small world, eh?

I always say hello to the Talmadge sisters. I am never disrespectful or say anything mean there...if you remember, I am not a fan of Natalie Talmadge for what she did to Buster Keaton. You don't talk bad about the dead (Same thing applies when visiting the grave of Virginia Rappe). Being in the presence of such great silent film stars is awesome.

Not a well known actress at all. Even I haven't seen any of her movies, in fact, I am not even sure her movies are available. She has some of the most beautiful pictures/postcards I have ever seen though. Look them up when you get a chance, she is beautiful.

Renee is always the first person I visit when I go to Hollywood Forever. She is really easy to find and such a beauty who died too young.


  1. Thanks for sharing your grave photos. I've spent a lot of time with Clara and Sue at FL - my family plot is right down the hall so I don't worry too much about getting kicked out. Good job on the Mary Pickford shot ;-) I can't wait to go back to Hollywood.

  2. Oooh! You will be in good company! It is such a beautiful hall that they are in too. Very beautiful and peaceful.

    I am quite proud of the Pickford shot, thank you! :) I am with you on wanting to go back to Hollywood! I miss it so much.