Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bathing Beauties XI

Alright. We are slowly coming to the end of the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties series! The next couple are going to be actresses that were Bathing Beauties either in just one film, a couple, or even just pictures and not much is known about their personal lives. But, like all the stars of the silent era, they deserve to be remembered. 


Jane Allen (sometimes credited as Jane Allyn) appeared in 16 films/shorts from 1919-1922. 


Consuelo Dawn (sometimes credited as Consuela or Connie Dawn) made around 20 films/shorts from 1925 until 1931.


Marcel Morrell is a bit of a mystery because I cannot find any information on her or her career. I have seen her in a few Bathing Beauties pictures so I am pretty sure she was one, but I am not sure if she just appeared uncredited or if she used a different name. 


Marie Vivian Pergain appeared in four film shorts from 1927 until 1928. I read in a 1927 film magazine article that she was married to French-American actor Youcca Troubetzkovin, but I don't know anymore information other than that. 


Hazel Williams appeared in 10 film shorts from 1924 until 1925. She was also an accomplished ballet dancer.


Leota Winters appeared in 17 film shorts from 1927 until 1929. 

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  1. The first picture-he face looks so modern to me. Love these old shots and so nice for you to have them remembered. The French-American-his name does not sound French:)