Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones

David Thomas Jones
December 30, 1945 ~ February 29, 2012

I don't want to be writing this. I never wanted to write this.

The Monkees have been a part of my life since I was 11 years old. They were there to cheer me up during some of the darkest times and they have always meant so much to me. I have been crying all day but not really feeling that Davy's passing is real. When I picture The Monkees, I still think of them from the 1960s, forever young. They aren't supposed to get old and die.

I had the pleasure of meeting Davy twice. The first time was when I saw The Monkees in concert for the first time in 1998 and I started crying when I saw Davy after the show. He walked up to me and grabbed my hand in both of his and said, "It's alright love!" I met him again last summer after I saw The Monkees again and he again was the sweetest guy ever.

I can only hope now that Davy is dancing and singing his heart out in Heaven and is in peace. He will be loved and missed by everyone who knew him and loved him. I know I will never forget him.

Love you Davy.

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  1. It is such a surprise especially since he just had a full check up! he loved horses and was a jockey as well and seemed like a very nice person. You were lucky to have met him twice.