Sunday, January 30, 2011

One big silent family

Colleen Moore and Mickey Rooney

I wanted to talk about what an amazing bunch of people the silent film fan community is. We all know people in our lives that think, "You like silent movies? That is kinda weird." But talking to each other online and sharing pictures, movies, is just awesome. I have a few friends that I have met through Facebook that have sent me some silent films that I hadn't been able to get a hold of which made me smile from ear to ear. I also do the same for them (I gotta send Gone with the Wind tomorrow actually). Also, so mnay people have posted information about film stars on here that I had never heard and wouldn't be able to find anywhere. And family members as well post on here which is just the coolest thing! That really tickles me when family members post...uber jealous of those blood lines!

Thank goodness for the internet community and the awareness being raised about how wonderful these films and actors were/are. I love them. I love talking about them. And I love meeting people who love them too.

So, thanks again guys! It's little things like this that can put a smile on my face.

I don't know if I have posted this video on her before, but if I have, too bad. It is one of my favorite pieces of the silent film era. It has the big male movie stars in it and it is just a fun little piece!


  1. Jessica, I am so glad you’re one of “them”. And by them I mean us. Whenever I go out to LA people say, “hey Bill are you going to see you’re dead movie stars”? And I say “maybe”. So , I’m just so glad that there are others like us that don’t need color or even sound in they’re favorite films.

  2. Haha people ask me the same thing about when I go out to California. If they don't know me that well, I get a kind of weird look but my friends and family know exactly what the highlights of my trip will be. And it isn't some Addams Family gothic thing. It is visiting those who were famous way before our time.

    Glad to have a kindred spirit in that respect...pardon the pun :)

  3. Great video ! I didn't know this one ! The movie stars from silent era are NOT DEAD ! they will never be ! Silent era is the most interesting period of cinema to study about ! And it's nice that so many young people are interested in... and some older one like myself and Bill !!! Michel from France !