Sunday, January 16, 2011

The gang's all here!

Oh how I WISH I could have been at this party! Although, if I was there...Natalie Talmadge would not be there and I would be with Buster! Anyways, here we have a group of amazing people gathered at the home of William Randolph Hearst. See if you can spot them: Irving Thalberg, Buster Keaton, John Gilbert, Norma Shearer, Greta Garbo.

Speaking of parties I would have liked to have attended...this is from a costume ball that was held at the Hearst mansion. Pictured here are Gloria Swanson, Marion Davies, and Jean Harlow all costumed up. And Constance Bennett in a beautiful gown. Four wonderfully talented ladies.

A lot of star power in one picture! Swanson, Chaplin, and Davies. Supposedly Marion and Charlie had a fling and some even speculate that this affair was the reason behind Thomas Ince's death. I am not a big Chaplin fan...mainly because I am a fullblown Buster fan, but the man had talent. Can't deny it.

Looky looky! Dolores Costello and John Barrymore AKA Drew Barrymore's grandparents. Two beautiful people.

This is the wallpaper of my cellphone. The woman isn't a famous actress, but I am still v. v. jealous of her. If I was her, I would have grabbed him and threw him on the table!

Two of my favorite ladies right in the middle. Clara Bow and Jean Harlow.

These were publicity cheesecake photos taken of Anita Page, Joan Crawford, and Dorothy Sebastian for the movies the girls were in together. How adorable are they? See, back in the Golden Age of Hollywood these starlets were fully clothed (for the most part) and manage to look even more beautiful than the scantily clad actresses now. I'm not trying to date myself, just stating the truth. When I am famous, I promise to bring back the beauty of yester year.

I just love this picture. Ann Pennington is absolutely adorable, Jacqueline Logan has that sultry glance fixed on the camera, and Billie Dollie is quite stylish with that fantastic headband. I wish we could have pictures like they do in Harry Potter, where they come alive and wave and talk. I might have to minimize the amount of pictures I have on my walls though because it would get VERY noisy in here!

John and Greta, such a glamorous couple. If they actually did go through with getting married, I honestly don't think it would have lasted long. With Greta's personality and her early retirement from films and seclusion, it just wouldn't have worked. They had quite an amazing relationship it seems though, filled with excitement and passion.

Jimmy Cagney and Alice White. He was amazing and she just absolutely adorable. I think if I had lived back in the 1920s, I would have looked like her with the curly platinum bob and cutesy smile. I am still mad that I have yet to view one of her films! Grrr!!

Former roommates, Fanny Brice and Ann Pennington. Two little women with big personalities! I am sure those two had a lot of fun living together! Hey, I would have roomed with them too!

One of my favorite DVDs that I own is my Keaton/Arbuckle/St John comedy shorts pack. They really are funny and wonderful silent shorts that shows just how much of a genius these guys were. I love this picture too. How in the world they got Luke to stand still for so long is beyond me, even though judging by the films he was in, he was a very well trained dog. Also...Buster's smile is beautiful and his arms? Wow!

This is the first picture that I saw of Roscoe Arbuckle. It was in the book Hollywood Babylon and it was the picture next to the story about Roscoe and Virginia Rappe. Thank goodness I read more about it and found out for myself that the book was trash and he was completely innocent.

This is a picture from the wedding of Jack Pickford and Marilyn Miller. Recognize any other faces? Well, front and center is Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and next to Jack is Mrs. Charlotte Pickford aka Mrs.Charlotte Smith. You can also see Charlie Chaplin peeking out of the crowd too.

How happy and in love Olive and Jack look in this picute! I know they had some troubles, but they were just two young, wild, and rich 20 year olds living in the gay times of the 1920s. Poor kids, such a tragedy.


  1. great pictures. I also recognize Lottie Pickford in Jack’s wedding party photo

  2. Where at in the picture, Billy?

    I have only seen maybe 2 or 3 pictures of Lottie, so maybe that is why I do not recognize her in the picture.

  3. I have been gone for a while-Christams and all that...Love the pics. The one with Clara Bow and Jean Harlow in the middle..I believe the one on the left is Jean Arthur! It would have been great to be at those Hearst parties. He loved dress up parties. he must have had a bavarian theme for that one fling. I guess Constance could not see herself in a dyrndl(I can't remember the spelling. Yes Poor Fatty Arbuckle got a bad rap. It really explains things in the holleywood documentary narrated by James Mason. All the old timers were still around and gave a very interesting account of what really happened. Now if I can get my hans on the Buster Keaton documentary that was on PBS a few years back. Did you know he broke his neck and didn't know it??

  4. Welcome back Birgit!

    I remember when I first heard about Buster breaking his neck, I was so in awe and...I don't even know the right word! Excited?! I told all the people I could. What a guy!

    I love that documentary. I have rented it a few times through my work. I just love him!

  5. I meant to let you know too about a great film Buster keaton did in Canada! It was with the Canadian Film Board and I think it was done in 1964 or so..only a couple of years before he died. It is all silent and it was Buster travelling across Canada on the rails! I have not seen that film since I was a kid but recently I was flipping the channels and on TVO(our PBS) they had a documentary about the making of that film. It was so interesting. i hope you can find it and watch it. Buster was talking about his past work and the people making the documentary were in awe of him because of the risks he took even at his age.

  6. It sounds vaguely familiar...but doesn't lol

    Maybe I am just thinking of the Beckett film he did and a documentary. What is the title?

  7. The actual film is called "the Railrodder". It was made by the National Film Board of Canada. The documentary is called "Buster Keaton Rides Again" directed by John Spotton. In the documentary Buster talks of his silent film days and his work-it is really interesting and worth seeing. This was also done by the film board of Canada. Hope you can see it one day

  8. I will definitely look into it! Maybe I had seen it a long time ago...I forget which movies I have seen lol

    Thanks Birgit!! :)

  9. The Rail Rodder...


  10. That the coolest thing ever Bruce!! It was like the great silent shorts of Buster's heyday in color. That was awesome, thank you for sharing! I had never seen that before.