Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello out there!

Tom Moore

I wanted to give a quick couple of updates. First, I have decided that my next entry (or entries) will be about Owen, Tom, Matt, and Joe Moore. If you haven't noticed, about 90% of the entries I do are on the actresses of the silent era with about 10% devoted to the actors, and I do need to give the lads a chance to shine! And why not the Moore boys? I mean, interwoven between these guys you have Mary Pickford, Katherine Perry, Alice Joyce, and Renee Adoree...soap opera! I will probably be breaking them up into four different entries because one just giant one would just be too much. Stay tuned for those!

Matt Moore, Florence Lawrence, and Owen Moore

Also, I am slowly getting the ball rolling on our next headstone project(s), May McAvoy and Lita Grey. They are buried at different cemeteries, but one will only require a marker since her ashes are scattered in a rose garden (Lita). I have contacted both cemeteries and am now going to the next step which is reaching out to next of kin. I will keep you updated on this process as well.

Lita Grey and May McAvoy

See you soon!

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