Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Katherine Grant Headstone Unveiling

Hello, hello, hello!

I have been on vacation otherwise I would have posted this sooner, but better late than never, right?

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that the official unveiling of Katherine Grant's headstone will take place Saturday, August 27th at 1:00 pm and should last to about 4:00 or so. The ceremony will take place at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles (I will provide the address and grave location below.)

At the ceremony there will be a special edition of the Silent Film Quarterly dedicated to Katherine Grant available and it will also include information about future headstone projects. The next project will hopefully be announced the same day as well. We just gotta pin it down between our two top choices!

If you are unable to attend, no worries! You will definitely be there in spirit! Many of our donors can't be there due to being outside of the state, but the love and support will be felt, believe me! I also have a good friend who is making a slide show that will include pictures of the ceremony and the headstone for those who are unable to attend. That will be posted next week as soon as I get the pictures to her. 

If you ARE able to attend, here is the info you will need to know:

Evergreen Cemetery
204 N. Evergreen Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Katherine is buried in Section E of the cemetery. I am horrible at giving directions, but I will say that when you enter the cemetery, keep to the right and follow the road and you will run into Section E. The sections are all marked in black and white on the curb so keep an eye out for that. I am sure you will see a couple cars lined up as well where we will be gathering. The cemetery isn't in the best part of town, nor is it the best kept (much to my annoyance) but it is one of the oldest in the city and has some really beautiful headstones to look at.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail me. I hope to see you there!

* The three pictures you see here were sent to me by Katherine's great niece, Kelly. They are just absolutely gorgeous!*
ALSO! I mentioned in the last entry (I think) about taking my blog to the airwaves by creating a Silence is Platinum podcast. This is still very much in the works. I was having the hardest time trying to nail down a topic for the first episode, so I conducted a survey on Facebook and it looks like the winner was the series I had titled, "No Talkies: silent stars who never made a talkie." I did a series of these last year and it was pretty popular due to my highlighting stars that weren't as well known (I sound like I am tooting my own horn, promise I'm not!) So, as soon as we get that all nailed down, I will post the information on where to find it.

One more thing before I take my bow, I have a lovely friend and kindred spirit in silent film and cemeteries who is working on a book about that very subject. She doesn't live in California, however, and is working on getting out here to conduct more research for said book. I have included the link to her GoFundMe page HERE.. Every little bit helps! I am so excited for this book, I wish I could donate millions!


  1. I am so thrilled that you and all those fabulous donors were able to get this done. You really are helping to preserve her memory!!! I wish I could be there but I can't wait to see all the photos. Please post a lot for us.

    1. Thank you! I wish more were taken, but we were all too busy talking about silent film and Katherine and graves and all kinds of stuff! I hope the two I posted will suffice, I failed in that regards :(

  2. May I say thank you Jessica for all you did to give this lovely and talented woman a proper headstone. There is a special place in Heaven for you for making this happen!

  3. This is wonderful! What a loving thing to do for people who should be remembered and her great niece must be so grateful. Congrats on getting this done