Sunday, May 29, 2016

A headstone for Katherine Grant

Hello one and all!

I know I have been uber quiet lately, but it is because I have been working on a big project and it is up and ready to rock!

The wheels are finally in motion to get actress Katherine Grant a headstone! I covered Katherine awhile back (read here) and mentioned that she was buried in an unmarked grave. A fellow silent film fan named Tom, who reads my blog, reached out to me and helped give me the kick I needed to really get started on this project. We reached out to Katherine's next of kin, her great niece, Kelly, and Kelly has given us permission to go ahead and purchase the headstone. She is excited and we are excited about it as well.

Please follow the link and donate (a little goes a long way). If you can't donate, please share the link to get the word out. The GoFundMe site also includes links to Katherine's various shorts that are available on Youtube. 

Katherine and Charley Chase
Our goal here is to make sure Katherine and her legacy in silent film is not forgotten.


  1. This is really sweet of you and Tom to do this. I hope her great niece also contributes

    1. She has helped enough by just giving us permission! There are some family members that either don't want any part of the process or they won't give consent for some reason or other.

  2. What a wonderful project!!! I love Katherine and she's been so forgotten today :-( Can I add a link to your Go Fund Me on my site?