Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Baby Peggy

I completely blanked on including this in the Baby Peggy interview entry! Sometimes I wonder how I even function on a daily basis. 

Anyway, if you are part of any of the silent film fan groups on Facebook or have another source for your silent film fans news, you may have read a few months ago about problems Diana Serra Cary aka Baby Peggy was having trying to get financial support from the Motion Picture & Television Fund. The MPTF was not willing to give her financial support because, according to them, she hadn't worked long enough in the industry and the pension she earned (from her years working in a bookstore) did not qualify her to receive any funds. Now, as Diana told me, when she first began working it was the early days of films and actors weren't collecting pensions or social security. This wasn't set up in contracts until much later, after her career was already over.

When I met with Diana and her son Mark it was roughly two months after the MPTF had sent a social worker over to visit with Diana and to evaluate her situation. Instead of offering her care or funds to obtain care, they offered her a place in the MPTF home. While the offer was appreciated, this wasn't what Diana or her son wanted. Diana is quite "with it" for a woman who is 97 years old and she just needs someone to be with her just in case of any emergency and to help her a bit. She politely declined the offer, which I fully support. So, there is a new plan in place to help ensure that Diana has the care she needs and deserves and also to take some of the weight off of her son, Mark's shoulders. Mark is unable to work at the moment due to his having to stay home and care for his mother. They are going to continue working with the county and the state to find the best solution, but Mark also has something going on that once again, I fully support.

Mark will be setting up a website (it is still in the works) where he will be selling autographed pictures of Baby Peggy. He let me look at some of the available photographs and they are wonderful! Baby Peggy with FDR at the Democratic National convention, Baby Peggy feeding a grizzly bear (this event was mentioned in my interview), and Baby Peggy with Jack Dempsey. There are so many beautiful photographs of this amazing woman, and having it autographed by her, that is a treasure right there. 

Below is the information that Mark sent to me and that is what should be used for ordering until the website is up and running. I will post the link here once Mark gives me to go-ahead.

 Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or e-mail Mark at and help support this treasure of silent film.

Thank you, my amazing readers!


  1. Just sent an email to Mark regarding the site. I dunno if they mind having someone such as myself do at least some work for their autograph store, but I'm willing to help out.

    1. He said someone did reach out to him, and that is great! Any help is appreciated I am sure, whether it is tech or just getting the information out there. Thank you so much!!