Monday, February 29, 2016

March Birthdays!

Please forgive me for taking for what seems like forever and a day to get my Baby Peggy interview transcribed and up on here. Life has been getting in the way, but it will be up in the next couple of days. I am gonna buckle down and get it done!

Also, one quick thing I want to mention. I welcome comments on my blog. I love them! Even if I don't get a chance to respond to them all, please know that I read all of them. I welcome additional information on entries as well as corrections for any errors I may have made. However, the kind of comments I will ignore are ones where someone will say that something I wrote is completely false and to take it off my site. Not going to happen. In this case it was an issue with my saying that Lilyan Tashman was reportedly bisexual in an entry I wrote about her and that I needed to remove it from my blog. I am not going to do it. I am not perpetuating any rumors or something defamatory towards Lilyan because whether or not she was bisexual is not a bad thing. Also, this has been something that has been quoted in various sources, so this isn't something I just pulled out of my ass. So, in the spirit of free speech and all that jazz...I will continue on my way.

March is here! Enjoy these pictures of our March birthday guys and gals and I will see you soon with Baby Peggy! PROMISE!

Lois Moran ~ March 1, 1909

Helena Makowska ~ March 2, 1893

Myrtle Stedman ~ March 3, 1885

Ethel Grandin ~ March 3, 1894

Juanita Hansen ~ March 3, 1895

Kittens Reichert ~ March 3, 1910

Maude Fealy ~ March 4, 1883

Pearl White ~ March 4, 1889

Dorothy Mackaill ~ March 4, 1903

Gladys Leslie ~ March 5, 1889

Lucille Younge ~ March 6, 1883

Virginia Pearson ~ March 7, 1886

Anna Held ~ March 8, 1872

Magda Foy ~ March 8, 1906

Bobby Vernon ~ March 9, 1897

Leda Gys ~ March 10, 1892

Betty Amann ~ March 10, 1905

Dorothy Gish ~ Match 11, 1898

Dorothy Davenport ~ March 13, 1895

Elmer Clifton ~ March 14, 1890

Doris Eaton ~ March 14, 1904

Lamar Johnstone ~ March 15, 1884

Roxana McGowan ~ March 15, 1897

Henry B. Walthall ~ March 16, 1878

Harrison Ford ~ March 16, 1884

Sydney Chaplin ~ March 16, 1885

Maria Orska ~ March 16, 1893

Conrad Nagel ~ March 16, 1897

Dorothy Seastrom ~ March 16, 1903

Ella Hall ~ March 17, 1896

Brigitte Helm ~ March 17, 1906

Edith Storey ~ March 18, 1892

Betty Compson ~ March 19, 1897

Fania Marinoff ~ March 20, 1890

Florenz Ziegfeld ~ March 21, 1867

Carmelita Geraghty ~ March 21, 1901

Doris Hill ~ March 21, 1905

Derelys Perdue ~ March 22, 1902

Hazel Dawn ~ March 23, 1891

Edna Mayo ~ March 23, 1895

Joan Crawford ~ March 23, 1906

Roscoe Arbuckle ~ March 24, 1887

Cleo Madison ~ March 26, 1883

Dorrit Weixler ~ March 27, 1892

Alma Tell ~ March 27, 1898

Gloria Swanson ~ March 27, 1899

Betty Balfour ~ March 27, 1903

Anna Q. Nilsson ~ March 30, 1888

Mignon Anderson ~ March 31, 1892

John Harron ~ March 31, 1903


  1. First, I always love your birthday lists and the pics you show.My dad's birthday was March14th. He was born in 1913so he went to the silent movies. I always thought that was cool. You go girl! You are entitled to write what you know and you know a lot. It reminds me of when I wrote about Rudolph Valentino and mentioned Natacha Rambova liking women. One commenter blasted me that I had no idea what I was talking about.I went through all my books and I went to your site to review to make sure I was not wrong. I wasn't and just ignored the person.

    1. Thank you, Birgit!My grandmother used to accompany silent films on the piano when she was a teen. She died before I was born, but I still have her sheet music. I would have loved to have heard the stories she had to tell!
      And I would have thought the Natacha Rambova story was fairly common knowledge! There are still people out there who refuse to believe it for one reason or another. The truth of the matter is that we will probably never know what really went on behind closed doors, but we have stories and things that have been passed down through the years that lead us to the best conclusion we can make some 90+ years after the fact!
      I would jump on someone for saying that Roscoe Arbuckle raped and killed Virginia Rappe, but not over whether or not Lilyan Tashman may have fooled around with a woman or two.