Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Grave Photos!

So, in true Jessica fashion, I spent my 30th birthday last week grave hunting at Forest Lawn in Glendale. That is what I wanted to do. AND, I must say, it helped make my birthday one of the best yet!

I am very lucky to have met someone through my blog who helped guide me through the (seemingly) scary maze that is the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn. Mr. Taph Madison runs the site Hollywood Graveyard and has become my new favorite person. He offers tours of various Los Angeles cemeteries and he has also created this amazing app to help you locate stars on your own. This is something I need because I sometimes go completely blank while looking. You can check out a preview of the app HERE!

And now, for some real legends...

Elizabeth Peters is the mother of Carole Lombard. She died along with her daughter in the plane crash.

I have shown pictures of the Pickford plot before, but this is the first time that I have been so close to it. Had to share an up close and personal shot. Mary is here along with her mother, siblings, and a few other relatives. 

I do believe that Lauren Bacall is interred here with Humphrey, at least, I would like to think and hope so.

Lon Chaney's crypt is unmarked. How do we know he is in there? Well, we aren't 100% but according to cemetery records, this is where he is!

Clark's last wife, Kathleen knew he wanted to buried next to Carole Lombard and she went along with his wishes. All she wanted was to be buried near him, and she is as well. Kathleen Gable was a wonderful woman for that.

Jean's crypt is just marked with "Our Baby," which you kinda see in my picture.  

Even though Norma remarried after Irving's death, they are interred together in the Thalberg crypt. 


  1. Wonderful photos!!! Thanks for sharing them. You're so lucky you were able to get into the Great Mausoleum. I actually spent my birthday in 2007 at Forest Lawn. I love going to Hollywood and visiting graves :-)

  2. Wow the Pickford plot is amazing!

  3. Some great pictures. I love the story about Russ Columbo and Carole Lombard and the strange way they kept Russ "alive" for his mom. I wonder why Lon Chaney's grave is unmarked? That picture of Liz Taylor is just beautiful-what a beauty she was.

  4. I cant think of a more loving way to remember our stars! Call me crazy but i bet they feel it too! I still yearn for our Country to do something like Day of the Dead: you know: bringing picnics to the graveyard honoring i mean, they were all with us a short while, but they wete WITH us nonetheless to remember them is so so wonderful! Happy birthday my friend i love your blog-