Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Grave Photos

Hey, look at that! I am keeping (somewhat) on track! Here are the most recent photos I have taken while out visiting various final resting places of the stars we all adore.

Sylvia Ashley was best known for being married to both Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Clark Gable.

Elmer Booth was best known for appearing in the first gangster film, The Musketeers of Pig Alley. He was killed in a car accident at age 32 in 1915. He will be featured in a future entry. 

Jeanne Carpenter was a well known child star of the silent days.

Ethlyne Clair

Rosetta Duncan and her sister Vivianwere a well known stage and screen act.

Miss Trixie Friganza of the vaudeville stage.

Elaine Hammerstein was a star of stage and screen. 

Sister of Mary MacLaren

Marion Mack, best known for being Buster Keaton's leading lady in The General. 


  1. Oh I love seeing these gravestones! The Duncan sisters has a long tribute which is so nice and I want to clear the grass away:) Alice Howell looks like the Bride of Frankenstein:) Trixie fraganza has a huge mausoleum compared to some other major actors. Elmer Booth died early! I saw this film and really enjoyed it...he was menacing for sure. Donald Crisp always looked so gallant in his pictures (to me anyway). Yvonne Stevens was 105! Loved these but then I love cemetaries

    1. I try my best to clean off the graves with my hands, but I do need to get a "kit" together so I can clean them better. And I just love the pictures of Alice Howell, she has crazy hair in all of them!

  2. Hi, Loving the new photos, but had a question you may or may not be able to answer. I love the cover photo and have wondered if you know the name of the woman in the hat or the two behind her? Was this just a slide card they put in or was this from a movie? Sorry if this is silly but every time I come to the site I wonder about that picture

    1. Hi, Barbara! I unfortunately do not know the names of any of the people in the cover photo. There are quite a few of these "courtesy cards" and they all contain people that I am not familiar of. So, I am not sure if they were just models used or what the deal is. Sorry!

  3. Fascinating entry! There are many graves of people I had never heard of and I enjoyed finding more about them on the internet.