Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Artist

I saw "The Artist" the other night and I gotta talk about it of course! If you haven't seen it yet, and don't want it any spoilers or anything, don't read!!

If you wanna can continue :)


First off, the moron who introduced the film ruined the end for us. He got up there and said "This is an all silent picture, well until the end when there is some talking." Me and the guy across the aisle turned and looked at it each other and he yells out "Hey, thanks for ruining it for us!" Not a huge spoiler, but annoying still.

I thought the film was pretty good. But, there points in it where I would have been perfectly content if it had ended right there. It just kinda dragged toward the end. I get that they wanted the happy ending, which I thought was very cute, but don't add 45 different scenarios to get to that place. That's just one gal's opinion though.

I wasn't a fan of the girl who played Peppy either. She was way too skinny to be playing a 1920s flapper/actress! Those girls had some meat on their bones, and I could see that girl's bones! She did have a cute smile and spunk though, so I will give her that.

I LOOOOOOVED the actor who played George Valentin. I thought he did a stellar job. He reminded me of Doug Fairbanks so much, especially his smile. It mirrored Doug so much. He was great showing the high life of stardom and also the lows that many actors and actresses experienced when the talkies came. Audience members were laughing at how scared he was at the coming of talkies, and it bothered me because I know a lot of the stars I love went through the same thing. He better win some awards for his performance. They are well deserved. Oh! And he was SOOOOOOOOO cute!! And French! Be still my heart.

I love Malcolm McDowell. He was in the movie for two minutes. Let down.

John Goodman reminded me a lot of Mack Sennett.

I saw a brief picture of Anita Page in the film, and I think either Lucille Ricksen or Edna Murphy. When it comes out on DVD I am definitely going to have to freeze frame that part and see who all was on the magazine cover.

What did you guys think of the film?


  1. George Valentin seduced me into enjoying his ego, and enjoying his enjoyment of his ego. He was a kick, especially in the opening scene, when he gave his alter ego, the dog, second audience ovation, leaving the actress completely out. A gutsy movie, 2011, b&w, silent. A touching and delightful tip of the hat to Hollywood's roots. I loved it.

  2. Hey Anon! Sorry for the delay, but whatever glitch there was on here has been fixed, yay! George Valentin was so charismatic, you had to love him! I am so happy he won a Golden Globe for his performance. Here's hoping they can sweep the Oscars!