Friday, December 9, 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!

My mom gave me the idea this year to make some of my own ornaments with pictures of the movie stars I love. So, I went and bought little frames and took pictures from two photo collages I made way back I was in high school and voila! They are necessarily my top will notice there are no Jean Harlow, Clara Bow, or Buster Keaton....yet!

I made six for the time being. Joan Crawford, Mary Miles Minter, Theda Bara, Constance Talmadge, Lousie Brooks, and Olive Thomas. (I apologize for the rough looking pictures. My camera is broken, so I had to take these with my phone.)


  1. Very original i love the idea!

  2. Great idea and you picked the pwerfect pictures to fit into the frames. My favs..well i love all of them is Louise and Olive:)

  3. Well thank you Birgit! Like I said, I just dismantled a collage I made awhile ago and had yet to do anything with. I thought the black frames were cool with Louise and Theda :) If I do them each year, I could have a tree of beautiful ladies!