Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special Tributes

As many of you may know by now, one of my dreams/aspirations is to either be in a movie about silent or classic film stars or to make documentaries about them. What is our mission statement here? We don't want these wonderful actors and actresses to be forgotten! So, until that time comes...I like to watch tribute videos on Youtube, and luckily enough, two of my favorites were made by one of my readers. She has beautiful ones about many beautiful actresses, but I want to share two of them with you because they are about two ladies who I think were too beautiful to even look real! Florence Labadie and Maude Fealy. Watch and enjoy!!


  1. Hello!

    Having just stumbled upon your site a few hours ago, I can't seem to stumble out of it! :)

    It's nicely done, and your depth of knowledge, especially about the more obscure stars, is impressive. Here, I've been a silent movie buff most of my life, and still learned some "new" names I'd not heard of before.

    While I'll be glad to write more later, your comment about enjoying youtube tribute videos particularly got my attention, SO...

    With that, I humbly invite you to check out my Charlie Chaplin videos at my "TakersMissy" youtube site.

    So far I've only made four of these, but am very proud of all of them - quality over quantity has always been my work habit. I'd love to get your feedback if you find a few spare minutes to check 'em out! :)

    Like you, I'm really not comfortable either with use of modern music to old films, but then again, I have used new songs in two of my vids; they just seemed to fit in well with the comedic and fun-spirited themes.

    I think the real problem with people mixing new music with old films is that they don't do it very well, for lack of a better term.

    Other favorite silent stars: Lon Chaney, Buster Keaton, Lillian Gish, Douglas Fairbanks, Richard Barthelmess, and Mabel Normand.

    Man, I have quite a story to tell about my Lon Chaney fandom, but I'll have to save that for another time. Suffice it to say for now that some of Chaney's films have TOTALLY stood the test of time! :-)

    Anyway, hope to stay in touch and please keep up the good work!

    May God bless,

  2. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, Missy. I appreciate it so much! I get what you mean about mixing old and new when it comes to tribute videos. Sometimes newer songs do work, but what DOESN'T work is when someone just throws a song in just for the sake of it being a good song. Sometimes, it just comes out really weird. I will definitely check out your Chaplin videos. My screenname on Youtube is VisualizeJess, so you will know who is commenting.

    Love Lon Chaney! Fill free to let me know about your love for him, I am all ears! You can shoot me an e-mail, add me on Facebook, put it on here, whichever! We can compare your Lon fandom to my Buster lol