Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fun Flappers

I did an entry like this years ago, but while doing research on Betty Compson I was reminded of how amazing the names of characters were during the silent film era. Most of the crazy names were given to flappers, because who doesn't love a story about a flapper named Snuggles or Bubbles?

I present to you another list of actual character names from silent films. Some are actually kinda cool (Lizzie Goodnite), some sound like strippers (Satan Syne) and some sound like characters from the board game, Candy Land (Princess Vanilla and Mademoiselle Snowflake).

Enjoy reading through and if you find any future baby names on the list please let me know!

(Disclaimer: Not all of the pictures move)


Tessibel Skinner
Unity Blake
Pearl Pepper
Jerusha Abbott
Swifty Forbes
Orchid Murphy

Gloria Swanson as Orchid Murphy in Fine Manners (1926)

Tamarind Brook
Panthea Romoff
Bonnie MacBelch
Kitty Laverne
Fox Trot
Snuggles Joy
Egypt Hagen

Billie Dove as Egypt Hagen in The Sensation Seekers (1927)

Teddy O'Day
Dorothy Dimples
Pussy Wimott
Babs Comet
Polka Dot
Truth Eldridge
Mugsy Mulane
Mae Day
Mizzi Stock

Marie Prevost as 'Mizzi Stock' in The Marriage Circle (1924)

Dallas O'Meara
Tulip Hellier
Cremo Panatella
Glory Quayle
Bee Chew
Australly Wiggs
Nita Nutti
Bubbles McCoy

Clara Bow as Bubbles McCoy in Red Hair (1928)
Connemara Moore
Giggles Dewberry
Idalene Nobbin
Mariam Finklebaum
Pearl Crumb
Orchid McGonigle
Kittens Westcourt
Mademoiselle Fashionsky
Dodo Baxter

Betty Compson as 'Dodo Baxter' in The Enemy Sex (1924)

Patsy Prim
Bumps Jackson
Dixie LaRose
Pepper Whipple
Bunny Stevens
Lillums Lovewell
Mrs. Younghubby
Maizie Nut
Angel Face

Norma Shearer in "A Lady of Chance" (1928)
Norma Shearer as Angel Face in A Lady of Chance (1928)

Miss Wiggle
Miss Flighty
Norah Collision
Pansy Buttermilk
Satan Syne
Remember Stedden
Arbutus Quilty
Pert Kelly

Colleen Moore as Pert Kelly in Why Be Good? (1929)
Miss Sniff
Hortense Troutt
Hula Kate
Toots Brooks
Birdie Puddleford
Weeping Wanda
Jewel Courage
Kitty Biddle

Olive Borden as Jewel Courage in The Joy Girl (1927)

Lillums Lovewell
Pansy Grundy
Fawn Deering
Miss Peanutty
Keyboard Annie
Faith Ebbing
Cutie Beautiful 
Mademoiselle Snowflake
Spangles DeLancy

Marian Nixon as Spangles DeLancy in Spangles (1926)

Lala De Breeze
Myone Madrigal
Tottie Coughdrop
Cherry O'Day
Apple Annie
Hepsabiah Hardlot
Miss Gingersnap
Rouletta Kirby
Feathers McCoy

Evelyn Brent as Feathers McCoy in Underworld (1927)
Dainty Dotty
Bambino Soupreeno
Happy O'Brien
Frisco Flora
Apple Pie Mary
Fifty-Fifty Mamie
Dolly Van Dream
Pert Barlow
Miss Goulash

Bebe Daniels in "Are Crooks Dishonest?", 1918
Bebe Daniels as Miss Goulash in Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918)

Katty Drexel
Twinkletoes Minasi
Alma Matter
Honey Skinner
Mrs. P. Knockle
Princess Vanilla
Bubbles Revere
Ritzy Brown

Betty Bronson as Ritzy Brown in Ritzy (1927)
Limber Lucy
Toodles Haig
Pandora Golden
Lady Babbie
Heela Hula
Kitty Crockett
Norma Nurmi

Carole Lombard applies makeup on the sporting track in "Run Girl Run", 1928
Carole Lombard as Norma Nurmi in Run, Girl, Run (1928)
Mrs. Henpecko
Kedzie Thropp
Tiny Playfair
Pep O'Mally
Mops Collins
Sweetie Higgins
Bessie Broke
Hula Calhoun

Clara Bow as Hula Calhoun in Hula (1927)
Trixie Tremaine
Talitha Millicuddy
Tommie Lou Pember
Princess Vanilla
Miss Goldollar
Lizzie Goodnite
Delight Haverford
Clementia Fairwood
Pink Watson

Colleen Moore in Orchids and Ermine (1927)
Colleen Moore as Pink Watson in Orchids and Ermine (1927)

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