Monday, May 7, 2018

Headstone for Joe Keaton

The Three Keatons - Joe, Myra and Buster
The Three Keatons - Joe, Myra and Buster

I am very excited to announce the campaign to secure a headstone for Joe Keaton, father of Buster. Since his death in 1946, Joe has been lying in an unmarked grave at Inglewood Cemetery in Inglewood, California. I have teamed with the International Buster Keaton Society to have a proper headstone placed, HOPEFULLY in time for the Buster Keaton Weekend happening in LA in June. 

If you recall I did a similar campaign in 2016 for Katherine Grant and she is now (thankfully) resting in a marked grave. I am so excited to be able to work with the Buster Keaton Society to ensure that Joe Keaton will be remembered for not just being the father of Buster, but also for his work in vaudeville and silent film.

Joe and Buster Keaton

Please visit the GoFundMe campaign for information and donate if you can. If you cannot donate, then please help spread the word. Also, click HERE for further information on Joe Keaton on the International Buster Keaton's webpage and HERE for information on the Buster Keaton Weekend in June. 

Headstone design

Joe currently lies in one of these unmarked plots in Inglewood. The ground marker was overgrown so I was unable to pinpoint the exact location at the time.

** New podcast episode will be out within the week, stay tuned for that as well! **

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Silence is Platinum Podcast: Episode 3

Hello to one and all! This year has been pretty crazy for me so far, BUT I am glad to be able to present you with the third episode of the Silence is Platinum podcast. I am hoping the fourth episode will follow within the next month. 




Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew


Viola Dana, Ormer and Shirley Mason

Ormer and Viola Dana

Viola Dana and Ormer

Viola Dana and Ormer





Ronald Colman and Elsie aka Poppy Wyndham

Walter Hinchcliffe

Aviators in Early Hollywood by Shawna Kelly
Family Search
Heritage Quest
Hollywood documentary (1980, available on YouTube)
Media History Project
West Over the Waves: The Final Flight of Elsie Mackay by Jayne Baldwin

Friday, December 15, 2017

Silence is Platinum Podcast: Episode 2

Don't fret! I am still here! It was not the smartest decision on my part to create a podcast AND start grad school the same month. School has taken most of my focus, unfortunately, but believe me...I have been making progress on the podcast slowly but surely. I have missed interacting with all my readers and fellow silent film fans and happy to have a break between semesters to work more on what I am passionate about.

Here's hoping that 2018 will truly be the year of the Silence is Platinum podcast!



Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Dorrit Weixler

Grete Weixler

Grete Weixler


Evelyn Nelson and Jack Hoxie





Francelia Billington and Lester Cuneo



Pictures of Charles are hard to come by, unfortunately. Most of the pictures of him in film magazines are group shots of him and other Keystone cops. I do mention in the podcast episode that he is easy to spot on screen because he is much shorter than the other actors on screen, but I do wish there were more single shots of him. If you have some, let me know!