Sunday, June 14, 2015

NEW Grave Photos!

So, my new grave hunting buddy has become my guru, my god, my everything when it comes to finding the final resting places of some of my favorite stars. We went out to Forest Lawn in Glendale a week or so ago to try our luck at getting deeper into the (almost now mythical) Great Mausoleum, and I tell you what, the stars aligned perfectly for us that day! I wanted to share with you all my newest pictures. I know you will all appreciate how amazing an experience it was. 

Bertee Beaumont was a vaudeville actress and dancer who came to Hollywood after injuring her back. However, she only has one film credit to her name. I saw her picture one day and thought she was incredibly beautiful (and I love her headband) so I just had to go visit her.

True Boardman was a silent film star who was married to actress Virginia Boardman. He was one of the many people who died in the 1918 flu epidemic. 

Okay, so...this gets a little confusing. This is the final resting place of George Cukor...and Samuel Goldwyn...and his wife, Frances Goldwyn. Apparently, Frances was in love with Cukor (who was openly gay in Hollywood) and had requested that he be buried next to her and it seems Samuel went along with it! I guess this explains why the stone in the garden has remained unmarked. 

Mildred Davis, actress and wife of Harold Lloyd. Their son, Harold Lloyd Jr. is entombed below the couple.

Bobby Dunn was a silent film comedian who, like Ben Turpin, was famous for his cross eyed expression. Dunn lost an eye when he fell into a barrel of water and somehow a match in the water was the cause of his injury. I don't know how that works, but there you have it. Judging by the headstone, I believe it was replaced by fans or it had been unmarked and then replaced. 

Junior Durkin was a child actor who appeared opposite Jackie Coogan in two Mark Twain adaptations. Junior was killed in a car accident when he was just 19 years old. Jackie Coogan had just gotten a brand new car and wanted to take it out for a spin with his friend Junior, Coogan's father, producer Robert Horner, and Charles Jones, who worked as foreman on the Coogan family Ranch. Coogan's father was driving and he swerved to miss hitting another car and the car plunged down a ravine. The only survivor of the crash was Jackie.

Samuel and Frances Goldwyn. Read above at George Cukor's picture for the Goldwyn/Cukor saga.

I had forgotten that Elsie was in the Great Mausoleum and I just walked right by her grave. What luck!

This was incredible! The urn that contains the ashes of Wallace Reid and Dorothy Davenport. I hugged the urn, it was so amazing.

Sorry for the bad picture but with the sun coming right through the windows, it was hard to get a good shot. This is the urn that contains the remains of Lucille Ricksen. I was amazed at how dusty and old the niche looked. Talk about incredible.

Billie Ritchie was a comedian on stage and the silent screen. In fact, Charlie Chaplin used some of Ritchie's acts when he was beginning his stage career. Ritchie is most known nowadays for the story surrounding his death which includes being attacked by ostriches. Seriously! Look it up!

Edith Roberts was a former Ziegfeld Follies girl and silent film star who worked as one of Mack Sennett's Bathing Beauties. She died of septicemia after giving birth to her first child. 

Adamae was an actress and sister of Alberta Vaughn who was also an actress. I find it interesting that Adamae died young and is buried alone at Forest Lawn while Alberta's life continued to spiral downward and she is now buried in an unmarked grave in Valhalla Memorial. 


  1. I just love when you post. You are lucky t5o visit these graves and the pictures to go along with it are great. I can see how The Wynn's share the same nose. I wonder if you could ever do a series on the film people who died during the great flu epidemic?